It's Time to Celebrate! Where Should We Go?

Engagement Proposal

What can be more romantic than proposing to your significant other in a magnificent place when on vacation? I personally saw this when I was in the pristine waters of Labadee, Haiti from my Royal Caribbean cruise. With another couple in tow, secretly holding cameras, a young man went down on one knee in the water, and proposed to his girlfriend, with diamond ring in hand!


After your destination wedding, you may want to travel somewhere else for a mini-honeymoon. You may have a smaller contingent of family and friends that wants to join you. For instance, if your destination wedding is in Maui, you may want to have a mini-moon in Kauai. Or if your destination wedding is in London, you may go on a mini-moon to Paris or Rome.


Celebrate with your significant other the time just before you give birth. Life will change dramatically once your little one arrives. Due to complications due to the Zika virus, consider staying closer to home: Southern California, Arizona, Charleston SC, Montreal, Sedona, Vancouver. and Bermuda are good choices.

High School Graduation

Your kids and their friends and families have been close for many years. Now, everyone is preparing to go off to a different college, the military or a job! This will be the last time you are all together, so create those lasting memories on a group trip. Consider a cruise or all-inclusive resort .

Gap Year Travel

A growing number of High School graduates take time off before entering college and are looking to explore and experience the world. Backpacking through Europe is always popular, as is travel to South America and Asia. The same can be said for college grads who take some time off before beginning Grad School. Popular destinations include Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam and Costa Rica.

Post-College Vacations:

An increasing number of people are traveling in between completing school and beginning their first job. Travel to Europe is especially popular, to destinations like Ireland, Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Escorted tours would give you a lot of travel in a compressed period of time, with good cost savings.

Job Promotion or New Job

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off. Now, before you “to back to the grind” go on a relaxing or adventure vacation. It will give you the creativity  and energy that you want to bring back to your job! A health and wellness spa or visiting the National Parks will give you a new perspective.


Nothing brings people together better than travel. Family reunions, school reunions, sports team reunions, work reunions – you name it! Group cruises and all-inclusives are perfect for reunions.

Divorce Party

Your divorce has been stressful. Rejoice in the closure of the actual divorce and the beginning of your newfound freedom. Take the trip you always wanted but never got to take. For instance, go to Dubai for the luxury hotels, ultimate shopping and indoor skiing and skydiving.


You are about to turn fifteen and all people ask about is your party, but the truth is that you are not completely convinced of having a party. Why not celebrate for more than a few hours, with your family and friends, on a life-changing trip?

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Your 12 or 13 year old has prepared for several years and now assumes the responsibility of an adult. What better way to bring the family together but to celebrate on a trip during or after the occasion. Travel to Israel for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall, Masada or other locations within Israel. Or visit a place special to your child and your family – maybe an ancestral trip to “The Old Country” where your family came from, or a special place for everyone to unwind and have fun together!


There is no better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than on vacation with family and friends. Create great memories and photos that the rest of your social media world will envy!

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